Charly Bryan

Hello, my name is Tomas Soto, founder of the Charly Bryan brand.

Charly Bryan is a clothing brand born in 2017 in the historic city of Boston, with the Charly Bryan Clothing line.

Charly Bryan Clothing aims to expand in areas such as music, cinema, entertainment, NFT, the metaverse, among other areas.

Each item is created with an essential element for us, you, the consumer. Our focus is on quality, simplicity, and elegance. Before delivering to the market, we use the best quality materials with professional finishing touches to each piece.

You will feel two things as soon as you try on our clothes: quality and comfort.

Who is Chary Bryan?

The name Charly Bryan was born more than 20 years ago. "Charly" was a word used a lot in my country, the Dominican Republic; it was a word that people used daily, very frequently, to refer to each other. The phrases: What's good, Charly? Talk to me, Charly? What are you up to, Charly? was very common in young people's conversations.

One day, while I was driving in the city of Boston, it came to my mind to add "Bryan" to the word Charly, and since then, I began to use it among my friends adding "Charly Bryan" to our conversations; until it became popular and has been part of our vocabulary ever since.

The logo design?

In 2014, sitting at the kitchen table in my house, I began to sketch the name Charly Bryan on a sheet of paper; I drew it in different variations, in uppercase, lowercase, cursive, and tons of other ways, but for some reason, the cursive style kept getting my attention the most. When I decided to launch my project in 2017, I was looking for the name for the brand, and I remembered that I already had the perfect name: Charly Bryan.

In addition to being commercial, everyone around me already knows it, so I got down to work; we put the final touches on the logo until it was perfect, and what you see now was the final result.

The face in the Charly Bryan logo?

I've always liked taking photos and videos of Tommy, my son. In 2012, I saw one of his photos when he was seven months old and asked a graphic designer to turn it into a graphic, and the result is the logo you see now, in our brand; a black and white vector with the silhouette of the original photograph.

At that time, I had no idea what I would use the image for, but when I started Charly Bryan Clothing in 2017, I decided that the logo on the face would be the brand's image.

And I will tell you why that silhouette is the perfect symbol for our brand since it represents resilience and determination, characteristics that our fighter Tommy inspires; Well, when Tommy was born, visiting the hospital had become a routine for us since his health condition was not favorable.

Since before birth, Tommy had to face tremendous difficulties. Inside his mother's womb, he presented respiratory problems; he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, which made it difficult for him to breathe; I will never forget the moment of delivery, Tommy didn't want to come out, and when he finally did he didn't cry like babies usually do at birth, I saw him struggle to; however, it didn't come out, the nurses patted his back, while I encouraged him saying: "come on little man, let me hear that scream" until finally he answered and we heard him scream, and although the scream came out a bit muffled and lower than I expected, listening to him and seeing him breathe, was one of the happiest moments of my life that fill me with happiness, and I will never forget.

Tommy faced many challenges that he managed to overcome thanks to God, the excellent care of the hospital staff, and his strength; that strength and determination that desire that Tommy put into it are what inspires and represents our brand Charly Bryan, and what we want to convey to each one of you, those who decide to wear our clothing line.

"By pursuing our goals, we will face challenges, but God, our desire, resilience, and determination will be our best allies."

What is it to be Charly Bryan?

Charly Bryan is the brand, but being Charly Bryan is a lifestyle! Being Charly Bryan is being a fighter, visionary, persistent, full of love, that the most important thing for them is God and their family.

By wearing our clothing line, you will be a Charly Bryan, a fighter and visionary, a son of God willing to give everything for the well-being of others, determined and resilient, ready to achieve all your goals.

A Charly Bryan is:

Visionary: Sees things from a different angle; their vision is usually huge and ambitious.

Persevering: Never gives up; stay firm and focused until their goals are achieved.

Resilience: He Rises faster than he falls and constantly evolves and adapts.

Fighter: Things are not always easy for them; They are willing to work and fight for what they deserve.

Love: His first instinct is to give love, although it's not always reciprocated.

Family: The family is the most important thing for them and their family.

God: You are clear that nothing is possible without God's blessing and that you can achieve everything with his guidance.

What is the mission of the Charly Bryan brand?

Charly Bryan's mission is to provide a quality proposal in every space we enter. Become a community that represents the values of brotherhood, resilience, perseverance, determination, and perseverance. The kind of community that, if you're in another country and you see a person using the Charly Bryan line, you automatically feel the familiarity and brotherhood.

That is the mission, that is the goal, to create a community in which you identify with that person from the moment you see our logo, and from there, you feel like a family.

Now that you know the brand's origin and what it stands for, I hope that you too will join the Charly Bryan Family.


Thank you for your time.

I am Chary Bryan, You are Charly Bryan, We are all Charly Bryan.

Tomas Soto